The secrets to getting an A in algebra

5 Math Concepts Needed to Master Algebra Many students seem do well in math until they reach the 8th and 9th grade and experience algebra. Algebra is a very different class compared to  the type of math students have experienced before and requires a higher-level abstract thinking that many students […]


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What is the ACT?

The ACT is a standardized test that has been around for decades, and nearly every college goer has taken it multiple times. However Most people remain clueless as to what it actually is. This article is designed to help clear up that mystery. It will explain how the test is […]

What is Dyscalculia? Recent Research

So What is dyscalculia? There have always been plenty of students who struggle with mathematics, however in recent years research and studies have shown that this may be due to a neurocognitive disorder called dyscalculia. Dyscalculia is a neurological disorder that prohibits the brain from understanding basic numerical and arithmetic […]

What Is Dyscalculia Math Learning Disability?

How to Study for a Math Test

How to study for a Math Test 1

How To Study For A Math Test:   There are many ways to prepare for a math test. We would like to discuss time-tested techniques for getting an A+ on that next Math test! Are you ready for some techniques that you (or your student) can use to nail the […]

Borrowing and Carrying or Regrouping?

Should students use the technique of Borrowing and Carrying or Regrouping? Why Words Matter in Math      Some kids understand it better one way or the other, but the “new” way of regrouping is not the way that many of us adults were taught. So, let Mathnasium help be […]



How to Develop Proportional Thinking in Kids

Ever wonder how to develop Proportional Thinking in Kids? Here’s a WONDERFUL Exercise on how to do it, and specific techniques that you and your kids can use to better their skill set so they can master this difficult topic. So, get your pencils sharpened and paper ready! If 5 […]

Improve Your Child’s MAPS Test Score – Resource Guide

It’s that time of year, and we’re hearing… WHY ANOTHER TEST!?! Since many of our parents have been contacting us at Mathnasium asking if we can help improve their students’ score on the MAPS (Measures of Academic Progress) test that determines if a child is selected for the Honor’s and […]

Improve Maps Test Score