Improve Your Child’s MAPS Test Score – Resource Guide

It’s that time of year, and we’re hearing… WHY ANOTHER TEST!?!

Since many of our parents have been contacting us at Mathnasium asking if we can help improve their students’ score on the MAPS (Measures of Academic Progress) test that determines if a child is selected for the Honor’s and accelerated track for Math in many school districts, we have decided to put together this resource guide. Many kids Practice MAPS Tests at home before the actual test, but keep in mind that Students must score at least 95% on these tests to get into these advanced courses. Is your child on the borderline to achieve that score? This guide may help you with navigating the getting that last few percent to get to the top. First, a little background on what MAPS is.

Ace_TestThis “MAPS” test is aligned with the Common Core Standards that Ohio schools have adopted for the 2013-2014 school year. Unlike the OAA (Ohio Achievement Assessments), MAPS does not determine how much information has been learned at a particular point in time, but rather one individual student’s progress. Each student completes MAPS testing three times per year.

Many kids ask, why another test!? Well, the MAPS test is designed to provide feedback that is used to specifically to modify the teaching and learning activities during instruction. MAPS tests are assessments designed specifically for learning. They are customized to the individual student, similar to Mathnasium’s method. You may be asking yourself, what exactly do the MAPS tests measure?

MAPS tests are given to students in kindergarten through 10th grade. The tests are a very thorough evaluation, covering everything from Problem Solving, Number Sense, Computation, Measurement and Geometry, all the way through Algebra and Functions, and Data Analysis for the more advanced grade levels just like Mathnasium. Those happen to be all the concepts that Mathnasium is currently teaching. The Mathnasium program is all about Number Sense.

A person is said to have Number Sense when he/she can count from any number to any number, by any number, split any number into halves, fourths, thirds, tenths, and hundredths; and compare any two numbers by subtractions and division. The way that the Mathnasium curriculum is designed will positively and directly affect any child’s ability to score well on a MAPS test. A Learning Center, like the one the Mathnasium that I own, will can raise a child’s score on the MAPS test!

Some parents say, “I don’t understand how how MAPS work.” They can be a bit tricky. Some schools have put together guidelines to help parents and students figure out what to make of the test. Once great school that has put together a great guide to MAPS Activity is Sycamore Schools MAPS REVIEW. Not only does the Sycamore Site have great resources like the Practice MAPS Tests (some of them free MAPS practice tests) They’ve put together a fantastic resource for parents, including an orientation, study-guide, and other resources for the test. [Keep in mind that the study guide provided there is decent, but only a guide. Nothing is a substitute for the 1-on-1 learning interaction you get at a TRUE Mathnasium Learning center! (See Bellow)]

So, are you the kind of Parent  that’s ready to Improve Your Child’s MAPS Test Score, more than just a simple online resources? Truly ready to take it to the next level? Well, don’t take our word for it that Mathnasium is a great place to Improve Your Child’s MAPS Test Score, read the couple of Testimonials below.

The following testimonials tell how Mathnasium is proven to boost test scores and give the children the confidence they need to succeed.

One parent reached out to us from Mathnasium (Blue Ash, OH) after his child, Liam, came to the program. Liam was able to accelerate into the honors Math program and even get a 98% on the MAPS test, siting Mathnasium as the reason. The parent stated, “Liam was promoted to the Honor’s Math class. Mathnasium(R) gave him a boost in his math skills and we saw improvement in his test scores.”

Another parent reached out to us after their student of Mathnasium (Mason, OH) was able to excel and enter the Honor’s Program at Sycamore and Mason.

Do you have a student that’s ready for that “boost” in their math skills? Is your student ready to get to that next level or even further? At learning centers where we pride ourselves on our student’s successes where we make math make sense, you child will be a success!

If you want to improve MAPS scores, contact a learning center near you to make it happen! Contact Mathnasium

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