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Student practicing math for ACT test preparation in Cincinnati, Ohio

Mathnasium’s ACT prep Math program in Cincinnati OH, focuses on the essential math skills covered on the ACT as well as taking practice tests to better prepare students for the real test. The Mathnasium ACT program creates an individualized program that goes in-depth and works on all the skills and critical logic thinking that each student needs to be successful on the ACT.

Cincinnati Mathnasium’s ACT Math Test Preparation Program

We’ve developed the Mathnasium ACT Prep Cincinnati Program to give students the individual attention they need to maximize their score on the math portion of the exam. Each student will come away from an initial assessment with a plan to address weaknesses in the areas covered by the ACT and develop skills to tackle every question. Coupled with test strategies and tips, regular practice exams, and progress reports, the Mathnasium ACT Math Prep Program is superior to other approach- es. Provided adequate time is given to prepare for the exam, we are confident that students’ scores will improve after following our program. 

As the test date closes in we will transition our student to logic problems to help develop the mind set (an “ACT State of Mind”) and refine the conceptual skills necessary for the ACT. Based of the students needs we will target these skills sets to help the students reach their target score:


FUNDAMENTAL SKILLS (Target score 16 – 20) – This problem set reviews fundamental skills from pre-algebra to trigonometry, necessary for problem solving.

INTERMEDIATE CONCEPTS (Target score 21 – 25)– This problem set reviews problems that are solved using standard formulas and algorithms.

ADVANCED CONCEPTS (Target score 26 and above) – This problem set reviews problems that test a student’s knowledge of major math concepts. These problems require students to use critical thinking skills or non-routine problem solving skills with those concepts.

  During this process it is critically important for students to do as many practice tests as possible so the student can be comfortable with the test format and timing. Mathnasium has helped hundreds of students improve their ACT scores, allowing them to receive scholarships and get into the College/University of their desire. Please call to schedule your NO RISK assessment today!


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